10 Ways to Spruce up an Outdated Bathroom

Time to start a new bathroom remodel?   It is exciting but needs planning.

EJB Home Improvement, a reliable bathroom remodeling contractor, is here to provide some interesting tips.

There are lots of actions you can take when your bathroom design fades. However, you may be inhibited from a complete renovation for various reasons, including a budget, time, or rental agreement. Fortunately, reviving an outdated bathroom needs no reconstruction. You can check out how these bathroom remodeling services can change your bathroom without leaning heavily on your budget.

Replace the toilet seats

Rounded, upholstered toilet seats are more appropriate as a memento of your grandmother’s home but not as the centerpiece of a modern bathroom. Substitute them with extended toilet bowls with chrome finish fittings or a bohemian natural veneer like wood or maple. Toilet seats with lift-off hinges are also easy to clean.

Paint your bathroom tiles

Painting the bathroom tiles won’t take as long as a replacement would. You will need an oil-based primer that is not water-based. Even though you can do the painting work yourself, you have to contact a bathroom remodeling contractor. They will help review the material you intend to use and analyze your wall condition. Projects vary a lot, and there is no undoing chance once your tiles are painted wrongly.

Try out wallpapers

A colorful wallpaper will neutralize the tile colors, hence creating a diversion from them. Ideally, a wallpaper should match the patterns in your bathroom tile and generate interest to keep an eye around the place. Still, wallpaper can be any color you like. You don’t have to go for grey or neutrals.

Also, install a plain bathroom curtain if you choose colorful wallpaper. Just ensure you have reasonable space within your bathroom so that they don’t peel off the walls. Whether you wish to use drama, eccentricity, or custom-made wallpaper, a bathroom contractor should choose the right product for you. Most of these wallpapers peel and distort in moist conditions unless you get the best quality product.

Remodel Your Mirror and Cabinets

Each morning and night, a multifunctional medicine cabinet will speed up (and elevate) your routine. The ones recommended feature a lining on the inside with sticky wallpaper that gives them an instant aesthetic lift.

Invest in an alternative with advanced features for increased utility, such as a magnifying mirror within the door, integrated outlets, or illumination. With the latter improvements, or to establish recessed cabinets, you’ll need to engage an electrician, a carpenter, or even both. Otherwise, choose a cabinet with similar specifications to your old one, get out your toolbox, and follow the installation instructions precisely.

Update the decor

Should your budget allow it, changing the mirrors in your bathroom and cabinet exteriors, as well as the taps, can have a significant impact on the remodeling process. For a fraction of the cost of a complete renovation, it will utterly change the whole appearance of your bathroom. Since it involves straining your budget, you can pick one or two things to do. This could even replace the bathroom mirror with a stylish one.

Upgrade your lighting

An outdated bathroom will probably have outdated lighting too. To some extent, the lighting system may cause cacti to cast a harsh glow. Hence, the need to replace it with the latest LED lighting system. Upgrading the lights will make your bathroom bright and even shine with a soft glow that makes reflections prettier.

Paint your bathroom ceiling

Painted ceilings are a huge trend right now and a fantastic approach towards enhancing interest in small spaces such as bathrooms. For DIY, you can choose a gothic look. Try out the farrow & ball Down Pipe and Railings. Also, invest in sound lighting systems.

Clean out the accumulated grout

The white grout calls for frequent cleaning and maintenance to prevent the formation of mold in your bathroom. Shannon Claire Smith, a reputable interior designer, recommends putting on a new coat of dark-colored grout. “With a lighter tile, it appears modern, and no one will know about your actual decision.”

Alternatively, you might use a brush to attack it. According to Nicole Gibbons, an interior designer and CEO of Clare Paint, scrubbing your grout goes a long way in the lavatory. “There are a variety of solutions on the market right now, such as the Polyblend Grout Renew, which is fantastic for renewing and making the room seem brand new again.”

Paint the tub

If you’re fortunate to get a vintage clawfoot tub, give your bathtub a new dimension by concentrating on its exterior. It’s even perfect for painting-should you do it correctly. You’ll need to prepare the tub’s outside and paint them with two coats of exterior-grade satin or semi-gloss paint that matches the colors in your room.

Corroded tubs or those with peeled paint, on the other hand, must be scraped first. Since old paint often includes lead, follow the EPA’s standards before starting.

Install a Beaded Board

A beaded-board adds architectural flair to a simple bathroom. Panel installation is both faster and less expensive than individual board installation. The panel is barely distinguishable from the genuine beaded board and is available in lightweight 4×8-foot sheets for around $20 a piece. The addition of shiplap to the lavatory walls will give it a farmhouse touch. Another method of creating complexity is to use ceramic tiles.

How much does remodeling a bathroom cost?

The cost of bathroom remodeling services varies depending on the size of the bathroom materials used. But on an average scale, the price may range from $10,000 to $15,000. Regardless, the cost will be primarily influenced by how you desire the bathroom to appear and the size of the space.

A small bathroom will cost as little as $5,000, while a huge master bathroom with more than 100 square feet can cost as much as $30,000.

Why choose EJB Home Improvement?

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